a great way to share secrets

add salt to taste

...or in other words... Let's go!

C'mon, share secrets
the lean back way

No matter if it's a password or any other kind of sensitive data, is the refreshingly simple secret sharing tool.

Just let your secret encrypt, get a sharing link and give that one to your mate... That's all you need to do!

share a secret for free!

Questions you don't
have to worry about

What the hack? Never heard of her...

No worries! We decided to create a little explanation video to exactly let you know what is, what it does and how it helps you sharing your secret.

Just click the player to open the video. If there are any questions left, please send us an email at

Let's get your secret salted

But it's you who decides

Out of the box comes up with some awesome options to fit your needs.

Not Only A Password

Feel free to share any secret, not only passwords. Any text data, up to 500 characters.

Optional Passphrase

To give your secret a grain of salt you can optionally add your individual passphrase.

There's No Rush

You alone define how long your secret should be available. From 5 mins up to 7 days.

The art of keeping a secret

"We're sure - your secret must be some very important intelligence stuff
of international importance. That's why we do anything to keep it a secret!"
- Martin Schindler,

  • 1

    One time secrets - as soon as a secret get's decrypted it will only be shown once and deleted afterwards

  • 2

    Securely encrypted - we use modern, state-of-the-art encryption libraries and algorithms based on OpenSSL

  • 3

    Salted by you - define your custom passphrase which will be used for individually salting the encryption

  • 4

    A little mayfly - a secret will automatically disappear after a specified lifetime, from 5 mins up to 7 days

  • 5

    Secure connection - this website is completely protected by an SSL certificate, Internet's leading encryption technology

Save seconds
while salting secrets

Wouldn't it be better to get a ready to use secret within seconds? With the brand new slack integration you're just a snap away.

1. Add to your slack workspace by clicking

Add to Slack

2. Just type /saltify [your secret] into the message field and press enter

/saltify my dirty little secret

3. The generated share link will be sent immediately as a message to your channel or your chat partner APP
There's a secret for you that's waiting to be revealed:


The secret has successfully been encrypted and is now waiting for being shared:


Passphrase needed?

Expires in